"As an early childhood teacher myself, I found that I had specific ideas in mind for my 2.5 year old daughter when choosing a preschool for her. We were looking for a school where teachers took a child-centered approach to learning, where children were allowed to explore a multitude of experiences at their own pace and where the children would be encouraged to spend ample time outdoors in all seasons. We found all of those qualities and more at Morrow Memorial Preschool. As a helping parent, I was welcomed into the classroom on a regular basis as part of the coop program, and was able to see firsthand the experiences that my daughter was participating in. Her teachers have been gentle, loving, and genuinely excited to greet the children each day. Sylvie has enjoyed art materials of all kinds and lots of playing! She has learned how to be part of a classroom by taking turns with peers, eating snack with her classmates, listening to stories at circle time and even helping to clean up at the end of the day. Many school days, Sylvie would beg me to leave our house, saying "Let's go! I want to go to school!" She has felt comfortable and loved since her first day at MMPS. We are so excited for Sylvia to join the threes program this year. We feel much gratitude towards the wonderful teachers at MMPS and are so happy to be part of this community!"



"Last year, our 3 year-old daughter had a thriving year at Morrow. So many of the concerns that we had at the beginning of the school year had truly dissipated by the end. Katie began school as an exceedingly timid child. As the year progressed, we witnessed her become more comfortable and eventually quite social both in and out of school. We attribute much of that to the nurturing environment at Morrow, and to the care, love and attention that her teacher, Mrs. Brodie, had given. Katie’s first year of school was incredibly special and she is excited to introduce her little brother to Morrow this year. Additionally, we, as working parents, are excited about the half co-op this year. This allows us to continue our hands-on involvement within the classroom but with greater flexibility. Thanks Morrow!"



"My name is Jenny Romero and as a first time mom, it is imperative that I be present for all of my daughter's milestones, from taking her first steps, speaking her first words, to beginning the learning process in pre-school. When my daughter began her first day of pre-school, like many other moms, I wasn't quite ready to let her go completely. Little did I know that I didn't have to. After touring Morrow Memorial Preschool (MMPS) and observing a very loving and structured environment, I realized that my daughter would be in great hands. It was then that I realized that Morrow embodies all of the qualities that I was looking for in a preschool. One fundamental attribute which makes MMPS great is that it is a Co-op, which means I can actively participate in my child's classroom learning experience. One of my duties includes helping out in the classroom once a month, which gives me an up close view of all of the wonderful things my child is learning. I was moved to tears the first time I was a helping mom in my daughter's class after witnessing the student sit around the table and sing their prayers before snack time. The teachers as well as parents are so warm and loving.

It can be a scary process sending your child to school for the first time. We as parents all want the best for our children and education is no exception. You may ask how did I know MMPS was the right decision? After touring the school and seeing my daughter enter a beautifully decorated classroom with other eager students who were all ready to learn, it was at this moment that I knew I made the right decision. All of the classrooms are colorful and the teachers use fun and hands on learning approaches to engage the students in topics such as of health and nutrition, sharing, counting, painting and story time.

As a parent of a MMPS student, I couldn't be more happy. I hope you too will become a part of our MMPS family to instill in your child a passionate love of learning and an understanding of the importance of hard work and education."