The cooperative spirit of Morrow goes back to the first program offered as an extension of Morrow United Methodist Church. The first program was for 4-year-olds on Wednesday mornings. The mothers were asked to assist on a rotating basis. In 1970, a 3-year-old program was added on Tuesdays. Participation in the program cost $20 per year.


Morrow Memorial Preschool was first licensed in 1975 by our Founding Director, Nancy Hansen. At the time, the license allowed for 20 students. Under Nancy’s leadership, preliminary work was done to formulate the purpose, philosophy, and curriculum for the school.


Morrow Memorial Preschool has grown to offer 9 classes, 4 enrichment programs and 2 sessions of summer camp, providing for around 80 active families each year. Our role as an extension of the Morrow United Methodist Church has evolved, as well. Our focus is to impart Methodist values - help in developing a positive self-image, kindness toward others and participation in charitable activities.