Pre-K 5's

*Child must turn 5 by December 31st of the start year

8:45 AM - 1:30 PM, Monday through Thursday (Friday ends at 11:45 AM)

Morrow’ Memorial Preschool's Pre-K 5’s program is specifically created for those children who miss the kindergarten cut-off date or those who are not yet ready for kindergarten. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of both of these groups, offering a play-based program with a stronger curriculum component. The children are given time to further develop emotionally, socially, physically, and cognitively, while building skills and learning through play and exploration.

Head Teacher & Teacher Assistant

The Pre-K 5’s class does not follow the co-operative classroom model. The class has 12 students, a head teacher and a teacher assistant. Our teacher, Margaret Gray, has a BS in Psychology with concentration in Elementary and Special Education, and a Masters in Special Education. While parents are not required to help in the classroom, we always welcome parental involvement.

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Curriculum with Learning Centers

Learning Centers are used every day in our Pre-K 5’s program. The learning center approach allows the teacher to meet individual needs, develop the children’s creative potentials, promote the development of positive self-concepts, create an environment to ensure intellectual growth and broaden the children’s experiences. Learning through play is still an integral part of the school day. Lessons will be done in a fun and creative way, which will prepare the children to succeed when they enter kindergarten.

Each day the class will focus on one part of a weekly unit. For example, a “Winter Weather” unit would include Intro to Weather on Day 1. Winter Food and clothing on Day 2, Winter Activities, Animals & Plants on Day 3, Meteorologists on Day 4 and a Field Trip on Day 5. The following skills will be used in weekly units:

  • Counting

  • Fine, gross and perceptual motor skills

  • Listening

  • Sorting and classifying

  • Spatial relations

  • Time

  • Visual discrimination

Content areas include:

  • Art

  • Handwriting (using Handwriting Without Tears curriculum)

  • Health

  • Language Arts

  • Mathematics

  • Music

  • Science

  • Social Studies

Friday classes will be an enrichment day which will include field trips, mystery readers and special guests from the community. A weekly trip to the Maplewood Library is also planned.

"I switched my daughter to Morrow for her final year of preschool specifically to take advantage of the pre-K 5's program. Her birthday is mid-October, and prior to Morrow, she'd been the oldest in her class by six months or more. She needed something different for her final year of preschool--and this program has given her more than I ever could have hoped. She's learning an amazing amount, while still having fun every single day. At the beginning of the year, she could just barely write her name; by Thanksgiving, she was able to write namecards for fifteen guests. Most important, she has become more independent, self-confident, curious, and excited about learning and exploring. She adores her teachers. I couldn't be happier with the pre-K 5's program and am so grateful we're able to give our daughter this truly wonderful experience."

- Margo Littell

"I wanted to share my experience with the big decision of whether or not to hold my child back and his Pre-K experience at Morrow Preschool. His birthday is September 16th and he could have gone to kindergarten this year. Due to being shy, being so young, and having a nut allergy, we decided to give him another year before Kindergarten. Last year my first went to kindergarten, and I saw how much work he had and how drained he was at the end of the day.

Holding my son back has been the best decision. Mostly due to the fact that we found the perfect place for him to spend his year. Morrow started their Pre-k program this year and it has been amazing. He is at school from 8:45-1:30 Mon-Thursday and a half day on Fridays.

Jack has been coming home with incredible adventures and wonderful learning experiences since day one. They have been on countless field trips to see a play, visit a firehouse, weekly trips to the library, and more.

The curriculum is still play based, but with a lot of core work with handwriting, math, social studies, and more. Just this week they are talking about how other countries celebrate the holiday season. Jack told me today he loved learning about the flags.

His handwriting has improved already with their work with an amazing program called Handwriting Without Tears. I have also seen a lot of improvement with his stamina for a longer day in school.

Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Noll have a gift for make learning an exciting and rewarding experience for all the students. The only thing I will be sad about is this year coming to an end. If you are on the fence about holding your child back and want to chat with me, I would be happy to share my experiences with you. Each child is different and you will know the right choice for your child.

This program is also filled with children with fall birthdays that miss the cut off, but want a longer school day, more complex curriculum, and the readiness for kindergarten.

- Nicole Ruffo