Tuition payments

Tuition payments may be made by check, cash or credit card online.

Online credit card payments

To pay online, please select the appropriate button below. 

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Please make checks payable to “Morrow Memorial Preschool (MMPS)” and send or deliver on or before the due dates to:

Morrow Memorial Preschool
Attn: Treasurer
600 Ridgewood Road
Maplewood, NJ 07040

Checks may also be left in the Black Mailbox outside the Director’s office.


Payments are to be made directly to the Director and a receipt received. Teachers do not handle tuition payments.

For any questions regarding Tuition Payments, please contact the Treasurer at:

Tuition policy

Tuition policy effective for the 2017-2018 school year:


  1. Tuition will be set annually by the Board, based on the number of students enrolled, the number of class sessions per week, and the financial needs of the school.
  2. A non-refundable registration fee shall be paid at the time of registration. 
  3. An additional non-refundable deposit of $150 per student is payable at registration and will be applied to the first tuition payment on March 1.
  4. The Treasurer will send written bills (email or hard copy) to the parents approximately two (2) weeks before each tuition payment is due.
  5. Tuition payments are made in three (3) installments due March 1, June 15 and October 1. Each payment will be 1/3rd of the annual tuition. For new students, the March installment will include an additional $50 refundable clean-up fee for each child registered. The clean-up fee will be refunded by check at the end of the child's tenure at Morrow Memorial Preschool (MMPS) provided the family has participated in a clean-up day each year the child attended MMPS. The March 1st installment is non-refundable.
  6. Payments are considered late if they are submitted after the respective due date. Failure to pay tuition as scheduled may result in a student losing his/her place at the school. If there is a waiting list, the Registrar will notify the family that the student has forfeited his/her spot and will begin filling the spot from the waiting list.
  7. The Treasurer will send written notices of a $25.00 late fee to families with accounts past due.
  8. Families paying tuition in full by June 15th will receive a $100 discount.
  9. Families with multiple children enrolled will receive a 5% sibling discount applied to the lower tuition.
  10. All tuition must be paid current for the child to enter school in September.
  11. Tuition may be paid either by check, cash or credit card. Payments by check should be made payable to “Morrow Memorial Preschool (MMPS)” and sent or delivered on or before the above dates to: Morrow Memorial Preschool Attn: Director 600 Ridgewood Road Maplewood, NJ 07040 Payments by check may also be left in the Black Treasurer’s mailbox outside the Director’s office. Cash payments are to be made directly to the Director and a receipt received. Teachers do not handle tuition payments. Payments by credit card will be done through the MMPS website ( A convenience fee of 3% is added to credit card payments.
  12. Students who enter school once the school year has begun shall pay pro-rated tuition. The payment policy is as follows: The non-refundable registration fee plus one full installment will be due on or before the child’s start date. The Treasurer will then pro-rate by week the remaining tuition payments and communicate the balance due to the family.
  13. Written notice of withdrawal must be given at least four (4) weeks in advance of the student’s last day. This allows the Teacher and Director time to arrange for a replacement student in the class. A withdrawal form is located in the back of the preschool handbook. Tuition refunds for current students are offered only after the request is received in writing four (4) weeks before the student’s last day and the student’s slot in his/her grade is filled. If these conditions are met, 100% of the pro-rated tuition will be given for the refundable portion of tuition received by the school. No tuition will be refunded after January 31. Tuition refunds for new students withdrawing before the school year begins will be considered if the grade is full and the student’s spot is filled.
  14. Requests for exceptions to this policy may be presented in writing to the Treasurer for consideration.
  15. Scholarships are available to families experiencing severe financial difficulty.